Software download

Freeware to download

Here you can find some of my self written software waiting for being downloaded totally free of charge. You can find here for example WinSplit 95, the great file splitter that is used some 100'000 times worldwide.

The following freeware is available in this section right now:

 WinSplit 95   FileSplitter. This Windows program can split big files in smaller
 files, which helps to save it on floppy disks. 
 WinLPT 95   This Windows program sends PostScript files, text files and print
 files directly to the printer to print it out.
 JNDI Browser   This JAVA program shows the content of JNDI directory in an
 EJB environment. 
 DB Exporter   This JAVA program exports the content of Oracle or MySQL
 databases into script files.