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WinLPT 95

WinLPT 95 is a handy tool for Windows 95. It is able to send postscript files, text files and files that were created by using the print to file feature to your printer very comfortable. This tools is absolutely easy to use, just drag and drop and click with your mouse.

But best of all, it costs you not one cent, not one Rappen, not one Pfennig and not one Schilling, you only need a postcard and a stamp! WinSplit 95 is Cardware, which means that if you use this tool, you should only send me a nice postcard. This way I can see if anybody actually uses the program. Of course, you can also write me your comments or some good ideas for the next release.

To download WinSplit 95 just click one of the following links:
 Installation disk of static linked version   zipped 
 Installation disk of dynamic linked version   zipped 
 Exe/Help-File of static linked version   zipped 
 Exe/Help-File of dynamic linked version   zipped 
 English Help-File   zipped 
*) If you don't know which one is the best for you, then take the first one.